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A Premium account puts you in control of your studies. Use the drill management tool to customize each and every drill you see. Create personalized writing sheets to practice and perfect your handwriting. Add words you found in your favorite anime or drama to your study lists to focus your learning where you want it. 

With a premium account, you never have to spend time doing drills you don't want to. See something you don't like? Just get rid of it and move on to what's most important for you to learn. Add any word from our crazy powerful dictionary to your drills to make sure you're learning what matters to you.    

Personalized Vocabulary Drills

Custom Printable Writing Sheets

Learning to write Japanese characters the right way can be one of the hardest things to master. Lucky for you our printable writing sheets can be created and printed for any character you want to practice. Print as many as you need until you've perfected your stroke. 

Customized Word and Kanji & Study Lists

Want to learn the words to your favorite song? Or maybe there were some new words in the anime you just watched. With custom study lists you can hand-pick the words you're learning and share the lists with other premium members! There are hundreds of community lists covering everything from JLPT vocab to Japanese holidays! 

Hundreds of Premium Lessons, Drills, and Quizzes

One of the best parts of a premium membership is all the spectacular content you have access to. Over 200 lessons from beginner to advanced on top of all the great introductory content will help you master Nihongo faster than you ever thought possible! 

"I study 20 minutes every day, I never forget Hiragana or Katakana anymore, and I have learned so many kanji! Every week I talk more and more in Japanese with my grandparents. Nihongo Master has helped me a lot!"

"This site is awesome. I have been practicing Japanese for a month now, and I absolutely love it. The learning system works and is not boring. You guys are geniuses."

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